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To : Voters, Donors and Concerned Citizens                                        


Topic: Williams for Mayor Campaign Contributions                  Email:


                                                                                     Tel: 804.437.5360

Dear Citizen:


I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for considering my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Richmond. Voting is important. Today’s campaign cost make contributions equally important. Thank you so much for your past financial support to get us here. This is a very competitive election and I want to show that a humble fellow from Church Hill can change the lives of  Richmond’s citizens. A new financial campaign report is due and I need your contribution to put my campaign in high gear. Having you on my side would send a message of Richmond's unity.


As you know, I am committed to revitalizing inner city communities, finally receiving attention. What would be more appropriate than to have an experienced architect as your Mayor? Also, I would provide greater regional leadership. And I would help those I had the pleasure to meet, as I personally walked the streets of Richmond collecting signatures to get on the ballot. Now I need your help.


I hope you will volunteer or send friends and associates to help with our campaign. And yes, your contributions are important, my friend. Please help our campaign elect an experienced Mayor. Contributions of $25, $50, $75, $500 and $1,000 are encouraged. The maximum contribution accepted is $10,000. Please show Richmond you care.


For our campaign to be succesful, it will take hundreds of yard signs, mailed brochures and advertising. My volunteers are ready but we need to make payments to vendors. Your early personal contribution check written to “Williams for Mayor” will give us a tremendous boost. $10,000 is needed to meet our campaign schedule this week. In reality, our goals require $1,000 per day!


Please donate today be clicking the secure ActBlue Button.  We can also send you a prestamped returned envelope with enclosed commitment card. I hope that you will use them to return your personal check. What's important to you? Feel free to give me a call: (804) 437-5360. Make a donation right now!


Please visit my website often to learn more about my experience and the evolving  campaign platform.


And finally, please contribute monthly to our campaign.  See you on Election Day November 8th.









Paid for and authorized by "Williams for Mayor"     Mailing Address: 2518 Ford Avenue Richmond, Va. 23223

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